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Up to 25% of Architects Practices have yet to engage with BIM processes


Only 30% of projects have a complete uptake of BIM usage


85% of Architects Practices expect to increase their BIM usage over the next year


40% of participants in construction projects have yet to engage with BIM in a meaningful way

BIM or Building Information Modelling exists to enhance collaboration within a construction project, ensuring a smoother construction process for all participants.

Driving Vision supports BIM adoption and implementation across the industry. Here is how we approach it:


The main issues that professionals face when considering the use of BIM in their practice are:

  • Lack of in-house expertise - Driving Vision has the IT expertise to guide you towards the best cloud-based solution for your BIM requirements
  • Lack of training - Our specialist technical support and training will be available to resolve your process and technology issues
  • Cost - Our goal is to save our client money in the long term by minimising setup and implementation costs; and making intelligent investments in people and technology. in technology, and minimising setup and implementation costs
  • Unsure of the Government’s commitment to BIM - The government mandated the use of BIM level 2 from April 2016

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