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Driving Value

Driving value for your business through knowledge, technology and local service

What we do

Driving Vision is a management and technology consultancy for the immersive age. We develop innovative business solutions, integrating data analysis, data visualisation techniques, and immersive technologies, to transform the way our clients do business. This enhances their customer’s experience, increases their profitability and productivity, and attracts potential investors. Our services harness the power of immersive technology and artificial intelligence to help our clients stay ahead of the curve.

How we do it

Customer engagement:

  • We adopt a business focus to understanding and interpreting your challenges
  • We offer innovative business solutions integrating VR, AR, AI technologies.
  • We collaborate with universities to ensure that we provide cutting edge solutions.
  • Our focus is on local government, property development and home improvements
  • We utilise holorooms instead of VR Headsets when necessary to allow our clients to experience the same visual space at the same time, promoting collaboration among colleagues & stakeholders.
  • We use data to drive forward the decision-making process and bring projects to fruition.

Our Technology

In order to achieve the services we provide, we have developed our own custom software for our clients. Essentially, our software takes any 3D CAD model and converts it into Virtual Reality in a matter of seconds. This transformation is the interface for our clients to visualise the proposed designs and experience them as if they were actually there. Our software is bespoke and can be adapted to suit the individual.

Driving Vision’s platform does not require you to be a technical expert to enjoy one of these immersive experiences. The public will be able to access Driving Vision clients’ products by simply downloading an application on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. This facilitates improved customer experiences.

By using our technology & services, a new dimension is added to the stakeholder experience. Designs & projects come to life, customers and investors gain new insight into what will become a reality before anything is set in stone.

How we add value

Our focus is to deliver value in many levels – money, customer engagement, time reduction and productivity

Kitchen/Bathroom Showrooms

  • Reduced space required for display
  • Reduced staff costs
  • Greater customer experience and engagement

Local Authority

  • Reduced time to approve planning applications
  • Greater opportunity to attract investment in developments
  • No need for models and 3D printing
  • In planning approval - enhanced engagement with all stakeholders

Construction Company/Developer

  • No need to build a show home
  • Easily attract investment
  • Simplified and faster planning approval

Who We Are

Our team is made up of passionate individuals with complementary skill sets ranging from business management to hi-tech. We all share a common purpose, vision and mission – to change the way you work by driving change, driving value, driving vision.

How to find us

Driving Vision Group is headquartered in Wales

Westcroft Ewenny Road Bridgend, CF35 5AP United Kingdom

Email: info@driving.vision Phone Number: +44 (0)1656 766 363

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